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Questions of the week(08-05-2020)

Instructions: Answer all questions correctly State the relationship between Riser and thread of stairs according to blondel. Also state the formulae used in determining length of spiral stair case, if the thickness of Riser is 150mm, determine the thickness of the thread ?If the total daily commercial vehicle flow is 9000, determine the percentage of vehicles in heaviest traffic lane Use the structure...

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Questions for this week(24-04-2020)

Instruction: Answer all questions. Use the structure below to answer question 1-3 Find the reaction at A. Find the reaction at BCalculate the shear force at DIn the estimation of bridge deck moments, what is the minimum depth of deck slab for vehicle bridges and how can you determine the value of span ratio, KWhat is the most suitable type of compactor for...

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Questions and Answers for this week(17-04-2020)

Instructions: Answer all questions (1) Draw the complete shear force diagram for the overhanging beam shown below. Hence, determine the position in the central bay,at which the positive & negative bending moment. (2) State 3 ways water can enter or leave subgrade of pavement (3) If Target mean strengthen = 8N/mm2, determine the water-cement ratio of concrete using cement grades 32.5 and 42.5...

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Compared analysis of three most used methods adopted in analyzing continuous beams

Prior, to the solutions provided in the last questions segment duel. One of the students from one of the Eastern schools antagonized the workings provided, saying that three moment method, which was the method I used in determining the support moments, is wrong. In his claims he said that it has limitations that was why his lecturer don't teach it. Below was the...

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Questions for this week ( 25-03-2020 )

Instruction : Answer all questions Que (1). When do we say a structure is statically determinate and geometrically stable? Que (2). ........... Is a point where Bending moment changes sign ? Que (3). what happened to a point where the shear force changes sign ? Que (4). The term road hypnosis, means what? Que (5). State the formulae to determine compactive effort of...

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