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Application of Principle of virtual work

A mechanical plane system is in state of equilibrium if the virtual work done by all real forces and moment is zero for every virtual displacement consistent with the constraints. Where P, R, M are real loads and reactions DX, DY, O are external virtual displacement and (pi, DJ), (Mjdj), (Rkdk),(Mkok) are scalar products of two vectors. A deformable plane system is in...

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Analysing of beam with a sinking support

Thus far, we want to consider the analysis of structures with unyielding supports . support movements due to weak foundations and the like may induce significant stresses in externally indeterminate structures and must be considered in their designs. Support settlements, however, do not have any effect on the stress conditions of structures that are internally indeterminate but externally determinate. This lack of effect...

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Moment distribution method why it works

Like slope deflection method, moment distribution is a displacement method of analysis of indeterminate structures. In fact essentially it consists of solving the simultaneous equations of the slope deflection by an iterative technique. It's not an approximate method but a method of successive approximation where any degree of accuracy can be obtained by repeated iteration. The moment distribution is not always recognized as...

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Alternate formulation of three moment method of analysing continuous beam

The three-moment equation, which was initially presented by Clapeyron in 1857, provides a convenient tool for analyzing continuous beams. The three-moment equation represents, in a general form, the compatibility condition that the slope of the elastic curve be continuous at an interior support of the continuous beam. Since the equation involves three moments—the bending moments at the support under consideration and at the...

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Analysis of continuous beam using staad-pro vi8 versus Manual approach( Three moment method)

In our last update we talked about merit and demerit of statically determinate and indeterminate structures. In this, a continuous beam with simply supported ends will be analysed using Clapeyron's theorem of three moments. A continuous beam ABCD, simply supported at A, B, C and D, is loaded as shown below Find the salient moment and draw bending moment and shear force diagrams....

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